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Singapore Love, Solo Art Exhibition


Exhibition of ten artworks by Elvira Byrnes dedicated to the Bicentennial of Singapore

The AHC link:
Date: 10 October - 1 November 2019
Address: Art In The Atrium, The Australian High Commission, 25 Napier Rd, Singapore
Viewing hours: 8:30am - 4:00pm Monday to Friday, no appointment required 

Security requirements: please present yourself to the guard house and advise the security person that you are visiting The Art in the Atrium Exhibition. Visitors will then be required to exchange photographic ID (passport, license, NRIC, FIN etc.) for the ‘Temporary visitor pass’. All pedestrians seeking access to the High Commission premises – both visitors and staff – are screened in the guardhouse screening room using the walk-through metal detector and have their personal effects (including all food items) x-rayed.
There is no parking at the Australian High Commission. Limited parking is available at Gleneagles Hospital and Tanglin Mall.

Contact: Elvira Byrnes on WhatsApp +61412166166, or click the links below to contact by e-mail, to subscribe to the newsletter or to follow me on Instagram.

With HE the High Commissioner in Singapore, Bruce Gosper
With Caitlin Szanto, Public Affairs, AHC

About the Exhibition

Elvira has felt a strong connection of her past lives to Singapore, China, India and Japan all her life. And she just can't resist it. She has been diving deep into philosophy, culture and spirituality. That which is dear to her heart.

The mind, the mind's evolution, the planet and ecology, preservation of nature and protection of life on earth, happiness and peace, personal spiritual evolution - all are connected to flowers, plants, trees, forests and jungles - the beauty and the lungs of the planet, the sources of oxygen and the very life that runs through our veins physically. Planting  in her mind, allowing to flourish in the mind, and planting on the canvases with the intention to spread the Qi of life, abundance and prosperity and blessings for everyone without exception was the goal of producing this collection of ten artworks under the common theme "My Secret Garden".

"I would like to celebrate the Singapore Bicentennial and offer my deep gratitude to its people and leaders for creating this peaceful cultural oasis by creating paintings inspired by the Orchid scholar-gentleman ideals, as they stand true as my own values, as well as all the great things about Singapore. Singapore national flower has three characteristics which are the characteristics of Singapore people that I wish to celebrate - The Vibrant, The Resilient and The Hardy" - Elvira Byrnes

“The orchid grows where others cannot endure the hardships of hunger and thirst, and is loosely tied to the things that support it.  And, even with all the difficulty of its life, the orchid graces the world with beautiful colour and rare fragrance.  This is like the life of the true gentleman, who sets himself to learn self-discipline, and whose character shines no matter where he is or what he experiences.” - The Confucius

Hardiness and resilience that reflect Singapore spirit. 
"As the flower most associated with hybrids, the orchid is also a symbol of our multicultural heritage. It is representative of the harmony among our ethnic communities, as well as with our many foreign visitors." Quote taken from a speech by Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development, at the Singapore Orchid Show, 2006.

About the Artist - Elvira Byrnes

Elvira lived in Singapore between 1998-2000. Singapore was her home, she stayed near Bukit Timah Rd and studied at the old Funan Centre at Informatics, she went for acupuncture treatments with Dr Ang in Far East Shopping Centre. Since then the East entered her blood and became a part of her DNA, later on studying Qigong, Chinese Medicine and Buddhism, fengshui and becoming fascinated with Chinese art and culture, as well as studying Acupuncture in Beijing at the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Dongzhimen. All of the above led Elvira to the path of self-cultivation and continuous striving for self-refinement for the greater good of others.

An Australian artist with interests in philosophy and meditation, arts, music, literature and everything enjoyable and sybaritic.

​Her painting interests are in oil, acrylic, watercolour and ink media, being influenced by Chinese and Japanese painting styles, Indian and Tibetan art and philosophies, global impressionists and realists. 

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