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elvira byrnes artist

About Elvira Byrnes

"The most seductive thing about the art is the personality of the artist". -Paul Sezanne

"I have always loved art and beauty having always looked for and appreciating beautiful things, places, views, objects, people, ideas. This led me to wanting and needing to paint them. Fascination with colours and brush strokes is the unending source of creativity for me in the quest of expressing something inexpressible, conjuring up magic, be enticed by illusion. Capturing a moment in time I have been awed, mesmerised, fascinated into silence - a moment of creation beyond words. Sharing that private moment captured, that special something, that beauty perceived and cultivated is what my art practice is about. I get lost in beauty and emerge with a painting longing to be lost again and again. Beauty is there to be shared with others." -Elvira Byrnes

Artist's Message

My Story

Elvira Byrnes, an Australian artist with a profound appreciation for art, beauty, and the magical allure of colors and brush strokes, finds endless inspiration in the quest to capture the inexpressible. Her artistic journey is a mesmerizing exploration of moments in time, where she becomes enraptured by the beauty that surrounds her, creating paintings that echo the silence of creation.

Born and raised in the USSR, Elvira's early exposure to art, music, literature, and ballet from her highly-educated family instilled a deep appreciation for the arts. Her father, a lieutenant-colonel, and her mother, a professor of English, passed down a rich artistic legacy that continues to influence Elvira's creative spirit.
Having spent the second half of her life in Australia, Elvira's diverse career spans corporate IT, acupuncture, and Mind Coaching. Her artistic interests encompass oil, acrylic, watercolor, and ink, drawing inspiration from Chinese and Japanese painting styles, Indian and Tibetan art, as well as global impressionists and realists.

Elvira's artistic journey includes attending prestigious Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney and learning from renowned Australian artists such as Ted Blackall, Stephen Mann, and Josefia Lemon. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including solo exhibitions in Singapore and participation in the Art3f MONACO Art Fair, The Other Art Fair and Ball In Monaco Gala of The Foundation of Prince Albert II in Singapore.

Nature serves as a profound muse for Elvira, who spends time observing and photographing it at different times and seasons. Her flower arrangements for still lives pay homage to past masters, and she's actively preparing for en plein air painting when the time is right.

For Elvira, the core of her art lies in experiencing Joie de Vivre and transcending conceptualisations. Her artistic motto revolves around finding beauty in everything, sharing the joy it brings, and fostering a collective quest for happiness, peace, and love. In her words, art is a pathway to self-discovery, allowing one's mind to project joy, peace, and love that are inherently present.

Woven into the fabric of Elvira Byrnes' biography is a narrative of diverse experiences, a deep connection with nature, and an unwavering commitment to sharing the preciousness and value of beauty with the world.

Elvira Byrnes draws inspiration from a rich artistic legacy passed down by her parents. Her father, a lieutenant-colonel, was not only adept at tank and car mechanics but also a master of the arts. He excelled in drawing, painting, wood sculpture, and gouache poster painting, turning anything into a masterpiece. His artistic prowess extended to various mediums, showcasing a remarkable ability to transform the ordinary into extraordinary works of art.

Elvira's father was a true craftsman, seamlessly blending technical expertise with artistic finesse. His multifaceted talents left an indelible mark, and Elvira proudly takes after him, inheriting both his artistic flair and mechanical proficiency. Much like her father, she navigates the realms of painting with a keen eye for detail and an innate ability to breathe life into her creations.

In addition to her artistic heritage, Elvira's mother, a professor of English, instilled in her a love for language and linguistics. This dual inheritance—artistic ingenuity from her father and linguistic appreciation from her mother—creates a unique blend that defines Elvira's multifaceted approach to her craft.
Woven into the fabric of her artistic journey is a mysterious exploration of brushstrokes, where Elvira Byrnes transcends the ordinary and delves into the enigmatic nature of capturing the inexpressible. In the silence of creation, she weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of moments in time, enraptured by the ethereal beauty that surrounds her, crafting paintings that echo the mystical essence of the creative process.

Elvira's art is highly influenced by this intricate journey through the mind's landscape. Her creations reflect the profound exploration and transformative experiences, capturing the essence of freedom, personal growth, and the realization of aspirations.

Elvira Byrnes is an international Success Coach with a specialisation in unraveling the mysteries of the mind. Serving as a guide through the intricate landscape of thoughts, emotions, and memories, she aids individuals in breaking free from patterns and mental limitations, embarking on a transformative journey towards their goals.

Her coaching expertise lies in assisting individuals to transcend limitations, overcome emotional hurdles, and reshape thought patterns that may impede progress. Together, they embark on a journey through the mind's landscape, uncovering the keys to unlock full potential. This process is not just about addressing challenges; it's a powerful exploration that facilitates profound transformation.

As they traverse the mind's terrain, they work towards freedom — freedom from the constraints of the past, freedom to set and achieve goals, and freedom to lead a more fulfilling life. The mysteries of the mind is what Elvira works with and helps unravel as a Mind Coach.
This deep work makes Elvira explore creation of art as a means of opening oneself and helping others towards creation, creativity and our limitless inner potential.

Artist Summary

An Australian artist with interests in philosophy and meditation, arts, music, literature and everything enjoyable and sybaritic.

My painting interests are in oil, acrylic, watercolour and ink media, being influenced by Chinese and Japanese painting styles, Indian and Tibetan art and philosophies, global impressionists and realists. 

I have been attending Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney at the Rocks, Painting in the Third Eye School of Ted Blackall, Paddington Art School of Stephen Wesley Gorton, and have been privileged to take lessons with well-known Australian artists - Ted Blackall, Stephen Mann, Josefia Lemon, Stephen Wesley Gorton, Evert Ploeg.

Artist who inspire me: Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse, Rothko, Pollock, Mitchell, Cui Ruzhuo, Wu Guanzhong.

Education: Bachelor of Education English/Linguistics, Diplomas in Computer Studies,  Diploma of Acupuncture, Certificate Life Coaching, Qigong Teacher Certificate

Work: I have worked in the corporate IT in tech support and sales, have run an acupuncture clinic and offered life coaching services, currently I am immersing myself in art and spiritual practices, as well as working with mind techniques to let go of emotions and experience the inner truth - beyond concepts and labels.



2022 - Ball In Monaco Gala for the Foundation of the Prince of Monaco, 28 October 2022

2020 - Art3f MONACO Art Fair, 21-23 August

2020 - "SING-NATURE", solo exhibition of 34 artworks at the Arts House in Singapore

2019 - "Singapore Love" solo exhibition of 10 artworks at The Australian High Commission in Singapore, selected to be exhibited by the High Commission 

2013 - Finalist, Hornsby Art Prize, Sydney NSW Australia

Saatchi Art Profile - ​ 

I was born and raised in Russia, and have been living in Australia for the second half of my life. My family are highly-educated teachers, professors, military officers. From the young age appreciate of art. music, literature, ballet have been instilled in me. My father who completed three highest military institutions, a lieutenant-colonel, was creating amazing works of art in many genre - sculpture, paintings, calligraphy, wood carvings, poster design. Whatever he touched turned out great. I like to think that his artistic blood runs through me. As well as my mother, a professor of English, with amazing appreciation of classical music, ballet, art and literature. I am truly blessed to know that her linguistic blood runs through me.

I have worked in the corporate world most of my life as an IT support engineer and in sales, and later on as an acupuncturist and a life coach. 

I derive most of my inspirations currently from nature. I spend time observing nature and taking photographs at different times of the day and seasons. I am doing my own flower arrangements for still lifes inspired by the masters of the past. I am preparing the materials for en plein air painting.

If you ask me what my main interest in art is, it is the experience of Joie de Vivre and non-conceptulisation that follows. 
​When are we truly happy? When we wish everyone the same that we wish for ourselves, when we understand the humanity is filled with the same wishes for happiness, peace and love. The more we feel we are one in that quest, the more our negative limiting emotions subside and the peace and love and happiness become uncovered. We see the world as part of ourselves. This is a process of self-discovery. Allowing one’s mind to project joy, peace and love that are naturally there. Uncovering the truth. Art is to help one experience one’s own true nature by stopping all conceptualisations and be the joy. Preciousness and value of beauty in our lives, looking for beauty in everything and sharing the joy of it with others is my artistic motto.

"In Beauty we are united,
Through Beauty we pray,
With Beauty we conquer."
- Nicholas Roerich

"Beauty and happiness and life...are [the artist's] only concern...They are perfect and sublime. This is the subject matter of art.....One must see the ideal in one's own mind. It's like a memory of perfection." - Agnes Martin

"There is nothing there. What you see is not what you see. What you see is nothing. Nothing but shapes, lines, colors. What you see is whats in your mind. What you see is something somebody told you to look for. Look out for anything you see! Watch it! Watch out! Take care! Don’t leap before you look out." - Ad Reinhardt

“Through the window I saw two fir trees in a park, and the grey sky, and the beautiful grey rain, and I was so happy,” she said. “It had something to do with being alive. I could see the pine trees, and I felt I could paint.” - Joan Mitchell

"And as you meditate more and you work on your art more, the boundary between meditation and the practice of art, between openness and action, becomes fuzzy—which is what everybody experienced in the past. Aggressiveness brings competitiveness, money concerns, comparison, frustration, excitement, all kinds of things. If there’s no aggression, that brings joy, openness, dance." - Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

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